World Rhythm Academy – a 501c3 organizaton


Gen2Gen Jazz & Justice Bridge

WRA uses music, art  and STEM to “bridge” marginalized communities. Gen2Gen Bridge events are held at senior housing units

Bridging gaps between youth and elders

Creating meaningful spaces where teens and seniors can enjoy each other’s tastes in music and art

Gen2Gen Bridge Video

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“What the world needs now is LOVE … and tons of MUSIC, DANCE and ART”


WRA recently launched GeoArts in Brooklyn

Connecting young scholars to local and global socio-environmental issues through geography, music, dance, poetry, and film

WRA currently serves students at the Brownsville Collaborative Middle School

Employs professional instructors and artists in youth arts-based education

Our recent fieldtrip to Lincoln Center and Rockerfeller Plaza from Brownsville

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Engaging underserved youth in arts-based social justice advocacy