Dedicated to engaging local residents in the arts, social justice and environmental advocacy.

Currently contributing to the establishment of a local arts hub in Brownsville, Brooklyn that can provide multicultural entertainment and educational resources for the neighborhood.

Our recent fieldtrip to Lincoln Center and Rockerfeller Plaza from Brownsville.

Drawing from WRA founders’ backgrounds as a teaching geographer and a performing musician,

  • Recently launched GeoArts  connecting young scholars to local and global socio-environmental issues through geography, music, dance, poetry, and film.
  • Currently serving in the Brownsville Collaborative Middle School just three blocks from the project site, the GeoArts Program employs professional instructors and artists to teach youth from grades 6 through 8 twice a week.

Engaging underserved youth in arts-based social justice advocac

“What the world needs now is LOVE … and tons of MUSIC, DANCE and ART”